Google I/O never fails to deliver plenty of exciting news. Today, we heard a number of different announcements that are bound to change the way we interact with our devices, and how they help us in our everyday lives. Below are the most important announcements you need to know.

Google Duplex

The undoubtedly best moment of Google I/O was when Sundar Pichai played a demo of the Google Assistant called a hair salon and booked an appointment. The special part? It sounded completely human. The assistant was able to successfully create the appointment, even when the desired time wasn’t available. The next demo couldn’t find an available time for a restaurant reservation, even after all the right questions and chose to end the conversation elegantly. This sort of technology is incredible but can put lots of questions into users’ minds.

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Android P

Design overhaul. iPhone X-Type gestures. A new dashboard. The latest version of Google’s unnamed OS is looking very impressive. Along with a new material design and removing the three-button navigation for gestures, Google is adding a brand new dashboard. This is supposed to help you gauge how much time you really spend on your phone and in specific apps. They are aiming to help you be more efficient on your phone so you spend more time in the real world. Now you’ll also be able to place your phone face down to enable “Do Not Disturb” mode!

Google Assistant

Obviously, the most important improvement is the use of John Legend’s voice as the new Google Assistant. Along with John’s voice, user’s can pick from an additional six human sounding voices to help them in their everyday lives.

Google News

Now managed by AI, Google News will show you completely unfiltered updates from multiple sources and provide previews of the articles. Google says that “it uses artificial intelligence to analyze all the content published to the web at any moment, and organize all of those articles, videos, and more into storylines. It spots the ones you might be interested in and puts them in your briefing.”

Google Camera

Smartphone cameras are about the get a lot smarter. Here’s a list of all the new features that you’ll get to use with your camera:

  1. Copy text from the real world.
  2. Identify pieces of clothing and help find you similar pieces.
  3. Google Photos will colourize black and white photos.
  4. Real-time image recognition.
  5. Google Maps will use the camera for an augmented reality.

Overall, Google I/O was nothing short of successful. We’re looking forward to seeing these changes coming to our smartphones!

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