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Tesla Inc. announced on Friday that it will bring a fresh crop of hires into its inner circle. The company recently lost Jim Keller as its Autopilot head, along with Jon McNeill as Tesla’s president of global sales and service.

These losses and others in Tesla only fuel the rumors that the company has hit a bit of a rough patch. However Tesla is looking to prove everyone wrong.

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In the announcement, we see big names in various industries being brought on-board the company. First, Stuart Bowers will join as VP of Engineering at Tesla. Bowers previously worked at Snap as VP of Monetization Engineering, and before that, as a manager at Facebook in Seattle.

Second, Neeraj Manrao has joined Tesla as the Director of Energy Manufacturing. James Zhou recently started as CFO of Tesla China, after a long stint at General Electric and General Motors. Even Amazon is losing a member – its Director of Logistics Operations, Mark Mastandrea, will join as Tesla’s Director of Vehicle Delivery Operations.

The list goes on and it shows some seriously attractive talent. While executives changing companies is relatively normal in the business world, a large hiring such as this indicates that Tesla may be restructuring the way it does things.

The announcement comes as Tesla looks to eliminate production bottlenecks in its Model 3:

We’re excited to welcome a group of such talented people as we continue to ramp Model 3 and accelerate towards a more sustainable future. We’ll be announcing more hires in the coming days, so stay tuned.




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