chinese throttling internet speeds

In a statement released today by South Korea’s Internet and Communications Technology (ICT) ministry, it was revealed that South Korea will be making a major push for 10-gigabit internet speed infrastructure. This is currently the fastest commercially available connection speeds, and it lines up with the 5G network standard.

The ministry said that it would work closely with various IT firms to implement technology that will enable 10-gigabit connection speeds. Having this speed will allow South Korea to have a huge advantage in many different fields including automated cars and augmented and virtual reality.

According to an ICT official, “the ministry hopes to achieve competitiveness in the ICT industry by successfully commercializing 10 Gb Internet through close cooperation between the private and public sectors.”

Like many other countries that are racing to develop 5G enabled networks, South Korea is creating a consortium that will oversee the roll out of infrastructure necessary for the new standard.

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This is an exciting advancement of the implementation of 5G networks. South Korea currently leads the world in average connection speed with 28.6 Mb/s according to an official ranking by Akamai technologies from Q1 of 2017. In comparison, the United States weighs in at an average speed of 18.7 Mb/s, and Canada doesn’t even make the top 10.

South Korea is Asia’s fourth-largest economy, and it appears they are paving the information superhighway that we will see within the next 5 years or so. The South Korean ICT ministry says that they aim to have 50% coverage of 5G networks by 2022.




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