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After a disputable and downright annoying re-design, it appears that Snapchat is looking to alienate more of its users.

According to a report from DigiDay, Snap, the parent company of popular social app Snapchat, plans to introduce unskippable video ads in its Snapchat Shows.

The news was relayed from three individual sources and then confirmed by a Snap spokesperson. The company will test a new form of ads called Commercials (very original, Snap), which will be six seconds long and will be unskippable. The ads are expected to roll out on May 15, according to the sources.

The ads won’t appear in the magazine-style Discover section of the app, nor the stories of its users.

Unskippable ads are coming to Snapchat

Snap is banking on the predictability of users being accustomed to watching ads in free content, just like in YouTube videos.

“They’re aware people will have to get used to it,” said one person with direct knowledge of the test. “That said, so much of the Snapchat generation has gotten accustomed to watching ads to get content.”

Snapchat already inserts ads in some parts of the app, however they are currently skippable. According to a study from 9To5Mac, 69% of users skip the advertisements within the app. That number rises to 80% among Snapchat’s largest demographic: 18-24-year olds.

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Having unskippable ads will likely draw more revenue for the cash-strapped company. On the flip side, it could also turn many users away from the app. In its first year as a public company, Snapchat has encountered lower than expected user growth and retention. Advertising is also its only source of revenue, but putting more ads might hurt the company more than help it.

What do you think of the recent re-design and the implementation of unskippable ads on Snapchat? Let us know in the comments!



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