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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus were undoubtedly two of the most anticipated devices released in 2018. Even though Samsung included one of the best cameras in smartphones today, along with an Exynos 9810 or Snapdragon 845 chipset, consumers perceived the two devices to be a minor upgrade from the S8 and S8 Plus. According to a BGR report, S9 and S9 Plus sales are only about 70% those of the S8 and S8 Plus.

Unsurprisingly, people are now turning their heads towards Samsung’s newest project: the Galaxy Note 9.

If recent rumors hold true, we’re expecting the Galaxy Note 9 to be much like the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus were to the S8 and S8 Plus. In other words, the Note 9 will most likely be a minor upgrade from the Note 8, with improved internals and a slightly bigger display. It’s also expected to have pretty much the same design as its predecessor.

We certainly hope that a bigger, better Note is in store for us, however this remains to be seen. In this article, we’ll gather all of the details about the Galaxy Note 9. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 News

As we get closer to launch, more rumors and news will start to flow in. As soon as we know, you’ll know! Here’s the latest news and updates:

Update 1 04/15/2018: The first bit of news comes from always-reliable Evan Blass (@evleaks), who reveals the Galaxy Note 9 code name:

Update 2, May 10, 2018: It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything on the Galaxy Note 9, however today we get an update to previous news. We reported about a month ago on Galaxy Note 9 benchmark scores, and today we see that the Galaxy Note 9 has been uploaded again to Geekbench.

View the updated Geekbench scores here:

Galaxy Note 9 benchmark

Update 3, May 28, 2018: With recent rumors pouring in about the Galaxy Note 9 being released a month earlier, we’re starting to see more leaks coming through. The video that we discovered today shows what could be screen protectors for the Note 9.

The video shows a person showing all sides of screen protector that looks suspiciously like one made for the Galaxy Note 8. Yet there’s two things that make us think it could be for the Note 9 instead.

One is that we’ve already had a few rumors come in that the display on the Note 9 will be very similar to that of the Note 8.

Second is that the third hole from the left on the top of the screen protector is larger. We’ve looked at numerous screen protectors for the Note 8, and we can’t find one that looks similar to the one in the video. This could indicate that Samsung has decided to sneak in an iris scanner like the one on the iPhone X. Keep in mind that this is just our speculation though, and shouldn’t be taken as fact.

Update 4, June 9, 2018: With the Galaxy Note 9 release coming sooner than we think, we’re starting to see a lot more leaks and renders of Samsung’s newest flagship.

The latest renders we have received are from high-quality CAD designs by Twitter users @OnLeaks and @91Mobiles. Steve, who is better known by OnLeaks on Twitter, has previously partnered up in order to deliver CAD designs for phones such as the Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus.

However this may be his best render yet, as the duo released a full video detailing the render:

The render corroborates with a recent case design that was leaked online. The case gives us a good view of what the Galaxy Note 9 will look like (at least from the back). Just remember that nothing is final yet, but it would make sense if case manufacturers have already begun to mass produce.

The case shows us an identical horizontal camera setup to the Note 8, along with a space for what could be a fingerprint scanner / camera shutter button. Unfortunately for us, it appears that we won’t be getting the in-screen fingerprint scanner that we hoped for in the Note 9. Here’s the case design:

galaxy note 9 case

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date and price

We know that Samsung is already working on the Galaxy Note 9, and most likely certain aspects of the Note 10 as well. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though.

We’re expecting Samsung’s latest flagship to be released in August. The Note 8 saw an announcement on August 23, so we expect the Note 9 to be announced around that date as well. Following the announcement, devices will ship to stores sometime in September.

Yet according to recent rumors, the Note 9 might be announced and shipped early. The iPhone X shipped later than normal, which allowed Samsung to sneak the Note 8 into the market. With Apple expected to unveil three new devices at WWDC in June though, it looks like Samsung will have some competition.

It appears that Samsung may jump the gun on their usual release schedule because of this. That means we could be looking at a Galaxy Note 9 release date of early to mid-August.

According to TechRadar, Samsung is reportedly testing the firmware for the Note 9 two weeks earlier than normal. This could also indicate an earlier release date for the device.

When Samsung finally unveils the Note 9, we expect to see a higher price tag than for its predecessor. The Note 8 rang in at $929 USD ($1,170 CAD / €750), and we don’t see Samsung going lower than that. With Apple pushing the boundaries of how much customers are willing to pay for a premium device, Samsung is likely to match that effort.

While we don’t know exactly how much of a price increase Samsung will levy on us, we can reasonably expect a bump of up to $100 USD. Updated pricing will be available closer to launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 specs

We don’t know too much about the Galaxy Note 9 specs for the moment. Since the launch date for the device is still a few months off, the best we can do is assume from previous devices and rumors.

However, we have received a few confirmed specs that will ship inside the Note 9. In late March, we saw that the Note 9 was tested on Geekbench. The benchmark report revealed that the device will ship with a Snapdragon 845 and 6GB of RAM in the US version.

It’s unlikely that we will see 8GB of RAM, as the device will already be very expensive. We think 8GB of RAM in a phone is a bit overkill, unless it’s being used for gaming or processor-intensive tasks.

We may also see Samsung’s latest chipset, the Exynos 9820, inside the Galaxy Note 9 international variants. The chip is rumored to be nearing completion, however it’s not clear whether it will be ready in time for this iteration of the Note.

Storage and battery

The base model will most likely feature 64GB of internal storage, while other models will come with 128GB or 256GB. Of course, Samsung will most likely keep the microSD card support, which will extend the device up to another 256GB.

According to recent reports, the Galaxy Note 9 may also see a battery that will have around a 4,000 mAh capacity. If this is true, it would mean that this will be the largest battery to ever be featured in a Note device. This higher capacity would also corroborate recent rumors of a screen size of 6.4-inches, which is .1-inch larger than the Note 8.

We expect the Note 9 to retain the 3.5-mm headphone jack, as well as the USB-C charging port. On the back, we hope to find slightly better cameras from the Note 8, à la Galaxy S9 Plus. It’s unclear whether Samsung will have an in-screen fingerprint scanner perfected by the time the Note 9 is released. However we don’t want a half-finished product, so if there’s a rush then we will gladly wait for the Galaxy Note 10.

It’s also unclear whether the Galaxy Note 9 will ship with Android P. While the OS is currently in beta stages, the final release is expected to be in August, which is right around the time that the Galaxy Note 9 will be revealed.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: What we want to see

We’ve seen quite a few features that will make it to the Galaxy Note 9. However, since the device is still a few months away from being announced, we’re hopeful that Samsung will include at least some of the features on our wish list.

An in-screen fingerprint scanner

This one is on most people’s wish lists for the Galaxy Note 9. The fingerprint scanner on the back is quickly becoming a thing of the past with new technology such as the Synaptic in-screen scanner being released. Major companies have been dedicating large amounts of research into the technology, and it’s currently a race to see which tech giant will successfully implement it inside their devices.

An in-screen fingerprint scanner would definitely set the Note 9 apart from its competition. However it remains to be seen if Samsung will have it in time for the launch of the device.

At least Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

We know that Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging will be featured in the Note 9. However we’re hoping that at least Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 is implemented as well.

The Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9 Plus all featured Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, which was released in 2015. A new version of Qualcomm’s technology has been released every year, with the most recent being Quick Charge 4.0 (2017).

Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 features all of the same benefits as 3.0, but with USB-PD support and cable quality detection.

Samsung reportedly had plans to feature Quick Charge 3.0 inside the S9 and S9 Plus, however Qualcomm demanded royalties that weren’t on Samsung’s level.

We still remain hopeful for something better than Qualcomm 2.0 though.

Better face scanning hardware

The Galaxy Note 8 has very lackluster Face ID scanning hardware compared to that of the Apple iPhone X. It’s not very secure seeing as it was fooled by an image of a person not long after the device was released.

We would like to see an improved image-recognition algorithm in the Galaxy Note 9. As it stands now, Samsung’s Face ID is no match for the fingerprint scanner.

As always, once we here more news, you will be the first to know! Comment if you will be purchasing a Note 9 when it comes out!




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