BlackBerry logo from BlackBerry Ghost Pro

In a Tweet earlier today, renowned leaker Evan Blass, who goes by Twitter username @evleaks, has released a render of the BlackBerry Ghost Pro.

On Feb 26, Blass released a leak on the BlackBerry Ghost, and it appears that a Pro model is being made as well.

What we know about the BlackBerry Ghost Pro

There’s a few things that we noticed in the Tweet. First, the phone will most likely be released in India to start, as it’s being launched by Indian licensee Optiemus. The company is one of three that the originally Canadian company BlackBerry Limited partnered with to distribute their devices. The other two companies include TCL and BB Merah Putih.

Second, from the picture we get a good look at the exterior of the device. The corners look more sharp, and the whole device appears rectangular. From the angle of the photo, it’s hard to say if the phone is truly bezel-less. It certainly appears that there’s no bezels on the side of the screen though.

On the bottom of the BlackBerry Ghost Pro, we can also see the iconic BlackBerry logo on the chin, and a strip on the top of the screen that will house the front camera and earpiece. The volume rocker and power button are also featured on the side of the phone.

Unfortunately, that’s currently all we have to work on as Blass only released the existence of the device, but no specs.

Will we see the BlackBerry Ghost Pro?

However we can assume a few things. The BlackBerry Ghost and BlackBerry Ghost Pro will most likely be launched in Q2 2018 judging from the company’s release schedule. Also, it appears from the Tweet that the screen will have an 18:9 aspect ratio, which is the standard in most smartphones today.

We can also expect the Pro model to have higher specs, mainly more RAM, a higher internal storage variant, and possibly a better chipset. With the better specs comes a higher price tag as well.

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As for the price, we can only assume a range that the Ghost and Ghost Pro might fall in. The BlackBerry KEYone released in India for a staggering Rs 39,999 (about $615 USD). Yet as more reviews came in, apparently the phone lived up to that price in terms of both hardware and software.

We’re not sure if the BlackBerry Ghost and Ghost Pro will be a flagship lineup. Yet we can assume that the device will launch for around $500 – $650 USD.

We’re also hopeful that the devices will reach North America. TCL, which is the global supplier for BlackBerry phones, partnered with Optiemus to bring the KEYone to the rest of the world, so we don’t see why they wouldn’t do it again for the Ghost and Ghost Pro.


Will you be grabbing one of the new BlackBerry devices? Let us know in the comments!





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