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A name that has become synonymous with OnePlus is Dash Charging, which is the company’s fast charging technology. Dash Charging was first introduced in the OnePlus 3, and it is still widely considered to be one of the fastest charging technologies for your phone. Yet its legacy may change, and soon.

OnePlus appears to be moving away from the Dash Charging name. On the OnePlus official website, all charging cables and blocks have been renamed to “Fast Charge”. On the newest Oxygen OS beta, “Dash Charging” has been replaced by “charging rapidly.”

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According to a comment from OnePlus to AndroidPolice, OnePlus filed a trademark for Dash Charge in 2016 in the US and EU with the release of the OnePlus 3. Yet the EU rejected the application in March of 2018 due to two other trademarks.

One was from wireless audio company Bragi, with their Dash Pro headphones. The other was from Amazon, with their Dash Replenishment service, which is an API that allows people to automate product ordering.

According to the trademark refusal:

A likelihood of confusion (including a likelihood of association) exists if there is a risk
that the public might believe that the goods or services in question, under the
assumption that they bear the marks in question, come from the same undertaking
or, as the case may be, from economically-linked undertakings.
The goods in question are partly identical and partly similar to various degrees. The
relevant public is the public at large and professionals whose degree of attention
varies from average to high. The earlier mark has a normal degree of distinctiveness.
The signs are visually and aurally similar to an average degree, whereas
conceptually the signs are highly similar.

Because of the similarity between the Mark and the Sign and the identity or similarity of the goods covered by the Application and the goods protected by the Prior Right, there exists a likelihood of confusion (including the likelihood of association) on the part of the relevant public between the Mark and the Sign. As a result, the Application should be refused in respect of all goods covered by the Application under Article 8(1)(b) of European Union Trade Mark Regulation 207/2009/EC, as amended.

Since OnePlus was denied the trademark in the EU, it’s likely that the company will suspend using the Dash Charge name across all of its products. Instead, it appears Fast Charge will now be the name for its quick charging technology.




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