The OnePlus 6 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2018. All of the rumors to date are showing a device that combines both speed and design aesthetics that will rival the current flagships out today.

OnePlus will really have to show out with the OnePlus 6 as other competitors look to steal the “flagship-killer” title from the company. OnePlus is still fighting to maintain its status in the mobile world, however with the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei rearing their heads, it’s turning into a dog-eat-dog situation.

The OnePlus 6 is replacing its predecessor, the OnePlus 5T, which just went out of stock for North America. The OnePlus 5T wasn’t a huge step above the OnePlus 5 (view the comparison here), but it looks like the OnePlus 6 is going to be a major overhaul.

It will not only feature a better camera and better processor, but also an iPhone X-style notch at the top, which seems to be what most Android phone manufacturers are implementing this year.

Our previous post on the OnePlus 6 was getting very cluttered with the constant updates surrounding the device, so we revamped that article, just for you. Here’s the latest OnePlus 6 news, specs, release date, price, and more.

OnePlus 6 news

We will keep this section updated as we hear more OnePlus 6 news.

Update 1 04/09/2018: Our first update comes in the form of a very short video showing a user with the OnePlus 6 hands-on:

Update 2 04/09/2018: We received a picture of the different color options that will be coming with the OnePlus 6. These colors include blue, white, and black, in addition to the skins that OnePlus will offer for the back of the phone.

oneplus 6 color options

Update 3 04/12/2018: It looks like case manufacturers have already designed cases for the OnePlus 6. This means that the next smartphone from OnePlus will be released very soon!

Mobile phone accessory store MobileFun has put Olixar cases for the OnePlus 6 on its site, and the product images show the device in all its glory. Check out just one of the cases below:

oneplus 6 olixar case

We’re not entirely sure if these are accurate representations of the OnePlus 6 or just renders, however a few things point to the latter. For one, the notch has the front camera on the right side, but also has an earpiece that stretches for the rest of the space. The rear camera module also doesn’t line up with previous pictures we have seen. Instead, it looks more like the camera on the Xiaomi Mi A1.

Update 4, May 05 2018: We have just received a few images of third-party screen protectors, which have been spotted on Chinese retail site Taobao. Here’s what they look like, along with translations:

Update 5, May 08, 2018: In what will probably be one of the last leaks about the OnePlus 6, we finally get more Geekbench scores. These scores from the popular benchmarking site show how the 8GB variant performed. We recently saw Geekbench scores from the 6GB variant of the OnePlus 6 (which you can view in our gallery at the bottom of this post).

In the tests, the single-core score for the 8GB variant is lower than the 6GB variant, however the multi-core score is slightly higher. Overall, it seems that the extra 2GB of RAM doesn’t make a huge difference in the performance of the phone, even under extreme tests.

Oneplus 6 geekbench scores

Update 6, May 9, 2018: We recently saw the CAD renders of the Galaxy A6 2018 and Galaxy A6 Plus 2018, courtesy of @OnLeaks. This time, we get full CAD renders of the OnePlus 6, provided by Twitter users @OnLeaks and @CompareRaja. View the full video below:

OnePlus 6 release date

What we know:

  • We’re expecting a launch date of late April or early May 2018
  • We now know that the device will launch on May 16
  • A late May or early June 2018 release date will follow

The OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5 were both released in June, so it goes to follow that we can expect a release date of June 2018 for the OnePlus 6.

Usually the release date comes about a month after OnePlus launches the device for the world to see, so we can also expect a launch date of late April or early May.

The launch date of late April makes more sense as OnePlus has currently run out of OnePlus 5T devices for the North American market. This means they will need to generate revenue through the release of a new device.

OnePlus 6 Specs

The most heavily anticipated aspects of the OnePlus 6 release are the specs of the device. While we know that some specs are confirmed, others are still rumors. We compiled a list for you and we will update it once more specs become confirmed.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chipset – CONFIRMED
  • 6GB / 8GB RAM and 64GB / 128GB/ 256GB internal storage – CONFIRMED 
  • Android 8.1 Oreo – CONFIRMED
  • 3300-mAh battery – CONFIRMED
  • 16MP front-facing camera – CONFIRMED
  • Dual-lens rear camera setup (20MP + 16MP) – CONFIRMED
  • Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and Face Unlock – CONFIRMED
  • Dash Charging – CONFIRMED
  • Glass design (front and back) – CONFIRMED
  • Notch on top of display – CONFIRMED
  • 3.5-mm headphone jack – CONFIRMED
  • 6.28-inch 2280 x  1080 AMOLED 18:9 display – CONFIRMED
  • Dimensions and weight: 155.7 × 75.35 × 7.75mm, 177g – CONFIRMED

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OnePlus 6 Price

The price of the OnePlus 6 is something we don’t know for certain, however we do know that with better specs comes a bigger price tag.

The most recent leaks point to a price point of $600 USD ($760 CAD / €487) to $750 USD ( $950 CAD / €610). These prices may vary a little depending on the variant you want and also where you’re purchasing the OnePlus 6.

This is a pretty significant price hike from the OnePlus 5T, which launched at $499 USD ($635 CAD / €405). Yet we can’t say that we’re surprised with the cost of RAM prices these days.

However the price jump might be too much for some. OnePlus has been known to churn out phones with great specs for a cheap price. With the expected prices for the OnePlus 6 though, OnePlus is almost in flagship territory, which might be just what the company wants.

OnePlus 6 design and display

oneplus 6 notch

The OnePlus 6 will feature an iPhone X-style notch, which will house the front camera, earpiece, and proximity and light sensors.

The notch isn’t as big as the one on the iPhone X, and as an added bonus, OnePlus will let you hide the notch on the device. According to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, a software update will be released shortly after the phone is released, which will include options for this feature.

The display on the OnePlus 6 is supposedly the biggest that the company has ever put on its devices. The most prevalent rumor about the display’s size is about 6-inches, but some rumors have gone up to 6.3-inches. The display will be edge-to-edge, and according to Lau, will have a 90% screen-to-body ratio.

The picture below serves to confirm that display size, while also showing off the notch and front of the phone. We can’t guarantee how legit this photo is, but it certainly lines up with recent rumors.

oneplus 6 dxomark

According to recent leaks and a teaser on the OnePlus Twitter page, the OnePlus 6 will feature an alert slider. It will reportedly be able to control the volume as well as functions like focusing the camera.

The OnePlus 6 will also feature a USB-C charging port as well as a headphone jack, which is increasingly becoming more elusive in this year’s smartphones. Speaking of the headphone jack, a recent leak shows that the OnePlus 6 may launch alongside the “OnePlus Bullets Wireless”, which could be the existing OnePlus Bullets V2, without the wires.

On the back of the phone, in a similar fashion as the OnePlus 5T, we see a textured rear skin as well as the rear cameras in the style of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. We also see the fingerprint scanner underneath the dual rear camera setup.

oneplus 6 skin

OnePlus 6: What we want to see

We understand that to keep costs low, manufacturers can’t include every feature that consumers want. However that doesn’t stop us from creating a list of thing’s we would like to see in the OnePlus 6.

Wireless Charging

This one is still up in the air for right now, with some rumors pointing for wireless charging, and others against.

We saw pictures, featured below, about two months ago that show a glass back on the OnePlus 6. If real, this could be an attempt for OnePlus to include wireless charging on their newest device. It would also be a feature that was missing on previous iterations of OnePlus phones.

oneplus 6 rear leak
Possible leaked rear-casing of the upcoming OnePlus 6

On the other hand, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has strongly hinted about the strength of the OnePlus Dash Charging, which means we probably won’t see wireless charging in the OnePlus 6.

Overall, we’re not too excited for wireless charging, however many users consider it a necessity.

A bigger display

We’re a big fan of large phones. The OnePlus 5T has a 6-inch 1080p AMOLED screen, however we’re hoping that OnePlus surpasses Full HD and puts a larger display in the OnePlus 6.

All of the leaks so far have given some strength to this theory, however a bigger, better display hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

Water resistance

This one is a little far-fetched, but still a big inclusion in our books. Having any sort of IP certification would be better than none. Even the tiniest of splashes on phones without water resistance can destroy them.

Yet there’s one major factor with IP certification. It involves sealing the phone – often with layers of adhesive around every external opening – in order to ensure no liquid gets inside. This process is very costly, and is usually something that manufacturers can overlook without too much public backlash.

OnePlus 6 Gallery




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