With WWDC 2018 quickly approaching, more and more rumours about new Apple products are surfacing. Apparently, they are set to release a number of new device’s including a new iPad, MacBook, and even Airpods.

Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone X, has been a real hit or miss with most of their typical customers. Yet these latest images indicate that they are not going to give up on the new design and will be releasing an “iPhone X Plus”.

On February 24th, a user on macx.cn released two images showing a screen from a “production equipment trial run” (shown below). The images show a much larger version of the 5.8 inch iPhone X, and it is likely that Apple has begun to mass produce this device. These images also make an appearance on SlashLeaks, who has rated them as 90% trustworthy. This means it’s very likely that Apple will be releasing something very similar to this product.

 iPhone X Plus Digitizer (Touch Screen)iPhone X Plus Full Screen

These images also appear to show a smaller notch at the top of the screen. This would be minimizing an unfavourable feature that iPhone X critics often complain about.

There is also a rumour that Apple will be releasing 3 new iPhones in the coming year. One of these will reportedly be a budget model, therefore making it more accessible to a larger demographic. These models will be a notable response to Samsung’s already announced Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

We should be critical of these images and other rumours since they aren’t verified by Apple yet. There are plenty of concepts that never make it to the actual iPhone itself. Despite this, it is clear that Apple is working hard to deliver an exciting selection of new devices for 2018.



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