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There’s two problems that constantly plague smartphone manufacturers: notches and bezel-less displays. It’s hard to say who first came out with the idea of the notch, but the Essential Phone is definitely one of the first to have shipped with one. Apple wasn’t far behind with the release of the notch on the iPhone X.

Yet the need for a notch came from the need for a bezel-less display. With Samsung’s Infinity and Edge displays (most recently seen in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus) came minimal bezels. But they weren’t truly bezel-less. Samsung and other manufacturers have to put the front camera, earpiece, and proximity and ambient light sensors somewhere. That place turns out to be the top of the phone.

There’s really only two solutions to housing those components on the display: either have one strip of bezel at the top of the phone, or have a notch that cuts into the screen.

But a lesser-known Chinese manufacturer has come up with another solution to having a truly bezel-less, notch-less phone: the Doogee Mix 4.

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The Doogee Mix 4: a truly bezel-less, notch-less phone?

The Doogee Mix 4 originally appeared in leaked renders a few months ago. Pictures showed the phone to have no notch and a 97% screen-to-bezel ratio. That’s closer than any other smartphone manufacturer has gotten to a truly bezel-less display. But how did they achieve such a remarkable feat?

The answer: by throwing back to the slider phone revolution.

Doogee packs a 5.99-in AMOLED display into the Mix 4, which slides down to reveal the upper-part of the rear of the phone. This portion of the device houses the earpiece, front cameras, and sensors. The other internals are seated within the rear casing, making the part of the phone that slides down entirely composed of the display.

Mrwhosetheboss, a prominent tech Youtuber, was sent a prototype of the Doogee Mix 4 in an effort for Doogee to ramp up promotional materials before the official launch. Mrwhosetheboss then released a review video of the device, which you can view below.

The video shows the prototype of the phone in all of its 11mm-thickness glory. The prototype appears to feature an in-screen fingerprint scanner, along with a dual-camera setup on both the front and the back.

According to the video, the Doogee Mix 4 could be released as soon as December 2018. This comes from estimates based on Doogee’s previous launch schedules. First though, we need to see the Doogee Mix 3, which could be here by June of this year.

What do you make of the look of the Doogee Mix 4? Let us know if you love it or hate it in the comments below!



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