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In yet another secret project from Apple, the Cupertino, California-based company is reportedly working on an AR/VR headset that could be released by 2020.

According to CNET, sources familiar with Apple’s inner-workings have detailed plans of a new AR/VR headset with 8K resolution for each eye. In total, that makes 16K, which is more than most high-end TV’s. The project also carries the codename “T288”, which might be referenced later on as we hear more about the secret device.

The new AR/VR headset from Apple could be a game-changer

The fact that Apple is working on an AR/VR headset is pretty significant as the company continues to integrate the technology into its newest products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has mentioned previously that he sees more advantages to AR rather than VR, including that AR allows people to be “more present”. The company’s investment into this technology also signals their shift from relying on the extremely diluted mobile ecosystem.

Virtual Reality (VR) was once the latest trend in technology, however low rates of adoption have seemed to pave the way for Augmented Reality (AR) instead. Sure, hits have been released, such as Pokemon Go or AR filters in apps like Snapchat, however both technologies await mass-adoption. Yet a huge tech giant like Apple, paired with new 5G technologies, could revolutionize the industry.

Assuming that other companies like HTC or Oculus don’t beat Apple to the punch, the new headset might knock these top two companies off the podium.

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How does Apple’s AR/VR headset work?

According to the report from CNET, sources have claimed that the new headset will “connect to a dedicated box using a high-speed, short-range wireless technology”. The box would likely act as the powerhouse of the headset, however separate charging for the headset will probably be required. That is, unless Apple can perfect over-air wireless charging as well. The headset will most likely be powered by a new chip from Apple which will be unlike anything we have seen to date.

The new technology won’t require anything aside from the headset and the box. In contrast, the HTC Vive currently requires you to install special cameras around your room to detect your location.

It’s worth noting that the new headset is still likely in very early stages. Therefore, it will be a few years before we get any more news on the subject. Until then, Apple will be on the sidelines, watching, waiting, and learning from other large players in the industry.



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