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With the release of Apple’s first generation of AirPods, there was a general sense of unease among consumers. Many believed that Apple wouldn’t be able to compete with the likes of Sony’s WF-1000x headphones or Samsung’s Gear IconX headphones.

The Apple AirPods boasted some pretty incredible promises: having more than 24 hours of listening time with their charging case, being truly wireless, and sounding amazing.

Despite these promises, people were still skeptical. During the first few weeks of the AirPods’ release, this skepticism showed as people waited for audiophiles and avid Apple fans to review the new headphones.

Then sales exploded.

It could have been due to the AirPods actually holding their weight in an already competitive market, or maybe it was just their catchy name. Whatever it was, AirPods soon became stocking-stuffers and easy gift ideas.

They became so popular, that Apple released a neat commercial, just after the holidays.


Apple AirPods 2 and 3

The launch of the first generation Apple AirPods created so much hype that it’s no surprise that people are hungry for more.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Cupertino, California-based company will be rolling out two (yes, two!) new generations of its wildly-successful earphones.

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The next generation of AirPods could come as early as this year, and will feature better Siri integration. Users will be able to activate the voice assistant by simply saying “Hey, Siri”. The new AirPods will also feature an upgraded wireless chip, the W2, which will improve Bluetooth connections. The W2 also featured in the Apple Watch Series 3.

A new wireless chip may also fix some of the connectivity issues that users are having with the current AirPods. Some users have found that switching between devices while using the AirPods results in the headphones being in a “static” state, where they won’t connect to any device for a time afterwards.

In addition to these improvements, the third generation of Apple AirPods, which could come out as early as 2019, will add a degree of water resistance. We assume that they will most likely just be “splash-proof”, so if you jump in the pool with them, they probably won’t survive.

It’s also worth mentioning that a new charging case for the AirPods should be released with wireless charging. This would allow Apple to make them compatible with their new wireless charging pad, the AirPower.


We will update this article as soon as we hear news on the upcoming generations of Apple AirPods. If you enjoyed this article though, you might like these:


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