April Fools Day
April Fools Day

April Fool’s Day is a day many companies plan for. This year a majority of tech companies jumped in as well, tricking consumers all over the world.

From Roku’s new remote socks to Fitbit’s dating app, here are 6 of the best April Fool’s pranks of the year.

Razor’s NanoBot Technology

No, unfortunately, Razor isn’t getting into nanobots. On Razor’s website, they claim the only thing holding us back is our own biology. They had a new page titled “Project Venom” which was entirely dedicated to a new kind of technology that will improve our humanities disappointing reaction times and “single-core processing”. These nanobots, which come in a liquid form, immediately begin to improve every aspect of our bodies.

Check out Razor’s post here!

Roku’s Remote Socks

Although most comments on their YouTube post are completely in favour of these new socks, they’re not coming to the market. Recently, Roku teased new socks that have built-in sensors, “toe-toasting technology” and a GPS so they never get lost. The built-in sensors would even allow you to select a new movie then pause/play at any time.

To be honest, we were hoping these weren’t a prank. Click below to watch their release video on YouTube!

Fitbit Solemate: The dating app for people who love to walk

The title says it all. For some, it might be the dream and for others, it might be something you’d never look twice at. Fitbit posted a video on their Facebook page showcasing their new idea and it seems like a lot of people loved it. Since it was an April Fool’s joke, you’ll most likely have to find a different way to “step” into a new love story.

Click here to watch the video on Fitbit’s Facebook!

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Adobe’s breakthrough to help hungry designers

Have you ever been drawing some type of food in Illustrator and decided “I wish I could have that delivered to me right now”? Adobe has the solution for you. With the new update, they showed off a new feature that uses AI and machine learning to determine what you designed and help you order it right to your door. Revolutionary? We agree. Watch the introduction video below!

Amazon Publishing will deliver an author right to your door

In a recent Facebook post, Amazon launched a brand new feature that allows the users to order their favourite authors right to their doors. In the post, author Patricia Cornwell is “ordered” to a customer’s house and has to travel through water, land and air to arrive on time.

Click here to watch the video!

This year was a great year for April Fool’s pranks. We’re looking forward to next year’s pranks! 

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